Wind Storms

Wind and winter storms have the potential to down trees and cause significant damage to buildings and infrastructure. Florence is especially vulnerable due to the prevalence of major hurricane-force winds that have periodically hit the coast. Florence has a high probability rating of a wind and winter storm recurring, and also has a high vulnerability to wind and winter storms due to the high number of unanchored manufactured homes and homes built before 1980.

East Coast residents and Pacific NW Coastal residents both have a high probability for disasters with the intensity of Super Storm Sandy. Folks along the Eastern Seaboard had 4-5 days of advance warning before the storm came ashore. Pacific NW residents can expect similar advance warning.

Looking around your house – Are there any trees which could reach it during the next “Big Blow”?

The question is – What will you do about it? Have a “Hurricane Party”? Or – be smart and evacuate?

Evacuation East of the Cascade Mountains will be required!

The below videos from the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 should help your decision process.

Additional Resources 

Please note the “Storm tracks” and “Other significant windstorms in Oregon” segments in the following document as you think through your plan.

Columbus Day Storm still howls through Portland history, 50 years later PDF