Cascadia Earthquake Hazard Videos


Use this link to check the shoreline inundation along the entire Oregon Coast and encroachment up estuaries. This is a link to the NANOOS website where you can type in any address and determine if it is safe high ground (Green), in the Inundation Zone for a Far Tsunami (Brown) or in the Inundation Zone for our Near Tsunami (Yellow). (Coastal Interactive)

Use the link below to view/print Tsunami Evacuation Maps for any Oregon Coastal Town and download a free app for smart phone access to the (Coastal Interactive) site.  (Coastal Evacuation Maps)


Visit the first two videos to see what a Far Tsunami really looks like. The third video will show you what the Near Tsunami looked like in Ryoishi Bay, Japan. (The 45’ wave crest occurs near the end of this video)

Did the wave look like what you expected?

The following video shows the Tsunami in a “River Town” much like Dunes City or Florence. The Siltcoos River, 3 mile marker is mapped due east of the Marina in Westlake. The Siuslaw River, 5 mile marker is mapped at the east end of the “Old Town Docks” in Florence.

DOGAMI’s modeling program shows this “stacking up” of Tsunami waves in bays, and rivers along the Oregon Coast – the high water is not predicted to recede for many hours, similar to what is captured in the following video.


The below videos show liquefaction damage 250 miles from the epicenter – i.e. Eugene and the rest of the towns and cities in the valley. Dr Priest advised all of the I-5 Bridges will have to be inspected before any traffic moves across them.

The following three videos show “Lateral Flow” damage which can be expected in flat to moderate slope areas.

NOTE: These videos were chosen to more closely fit the terrain and soil type for the Florence Area.

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