Documentation and Insurance

Low cost means of creating your Home Inventory

The above videos covered the absolute necessity for creating and keeping an updated Home Inventory. They also noted that very few take the time to create their own. The below videos are provided as an example for how to do an inventory with a minimum cost outlay. An Internet Search will provide a number of contractors who specialize in creating an inventory for those having more money than time.

Personal Documents to take with you during an Evacuation

Please note the advice to properly secure these documents at all times. Specifically these documents should not be stored in your Vehicle Grab-N-Go Bag.

FEMA representatives, following a disaster, will demand two forms of photo ID to prove who you are. And the list goes on, birth certificates, marriage licenses, tax documents, insurance policies along with photos documenting your relationship with family members and pets.

Additional Information:

Insurance Tips for Emergency Preparedness (PDF)