When an Earthquake Strikes: Drop, Cover, Hold

Earthquake_1Indoors: If we are indoors when an earthquake strikes, we should stay there. Drop, cover, and hold protecting our eyes by pressing our faces against our arms, until the shaking stops. If there is no table or desk nearby we should take other protective action. For example, sit on the floor against an interior wall away from windows, skylights, doors, and things that could fall. Outdoors: If we are outdoors, we should move quickly and safely into the open, away from electrical lines, trees, and buildings. Drop to the ground, protect our head and face and wait for the shaking to stop. Automobile: If we are driving, we should carefully and slowly bring our vehicles to a stop at the side of the road away from traffic. We should not stop on or under bridges, under power lines or near roadway signs that might fall. Once the shaking has stopped, we can continue driving, while watching carefully for possible damage to the roadway. Disabled: If we are in a wheelchair we should stay in it. Move under a doorway or to an inside wall. Lock wheels and cover our face and head with our arms. If we are in bed or out of our wheelchair, seek cover under bed or table, if possible, and cover face and head with our arms. Maintain position until shaking stops.

Earthquake – Home Hazard Hunt

The following videos will assist your identification of hazards inside your home which will help minimize damage to property and your family during an earthquake.